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Gabriel Sher

Gabriel Sher's Bio (L.Ac.)

Acupuncture has been a fundamental part of Gabriel’s life for the past 20 years. Gabriel was first introduced to the field as an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin. His mother had suffered from debilitating migraines his entire childhood. With no end in sight and her symptoms only worsening, Gabriel decided she had no choice but to explore a new path of treatment—Western medicine had repeatedly failed her. After much research it became clear that acupuncture was his mother’s most hopeful next step.

Gabriel accompanied his mother to her first several treatments and immediately felt this was his calling. He was intrigued by the science behind the treatments and impressed by the acupuncturist’s knowledge of the body and mind. Above all, he was amazed by the fact that after only a few treatments acupuncture began to cure what years of traditional medicine could not. Gabriel decided to shadow an acupuncturist in Madison to educate himself about the field and see if acupuncture was the right fit. A few months later, he found himself applying to the prestigious American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) and his official education of acupuncture and herbal medicine began.

After 4 years of school at ACTCM Gabriel moved to Chengdu, China to further his education and hone his skills. He worked in a bustling hospital that incorporated both Chinese and Western medicine. Each day Gabriel saw and treated 40-50 patients affording him the opportunity to treat wide-ranging conditions and disorders in dermatology, gynecology and obstetrics, gastroenterology, and pediatrics among others. Upon completion of his tenure, he felt as if he had seen and treated it all. Leaving China, Gabriel felt confident in his abilities and was eager to finally begin his practice in New York.

Gabriel is a firm believer in what he does. He has repeatedly seen acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine cure conditions and better peoples’ body, minds and lives. Acupuncture looks at the whole patient –analyzing symptoms to get to the root of one’s ailment. Gabriel therefore makes it a point to spend ample time getting to know each patient to successfully determine what their body and mind need to rebalance their system. While acupuncture and herbs can effectively treat most conditions, he does believe there are certain areas Chinese medicine has better success in treating than Western medicine does. Resultantly, Gabriel tends to focus on gastrointestinal disorders, gynecology, dermatology, stress and pain management most often.